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Re: Assembling drawers inside chest of drawers????

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Barry

I let my drawers dry inside the drawer case.

The method requires (for me, at any rate) that the parts are cut exactly, and then dovetailed without any projections. This means tails and pins are to the perfect length, and there are no projections.

I use Titebond hide glue, and carefully wipe off any squeeze out. It is possible to pull the drawer out before the glue is dry, when it has stopped being runny, and clean away any left over squeeze out, and then return the drawer.

My drawers often need to be pushed in as the fit is tight. That is good. The case back is not on (it goes on last because of this), and tight drawers can be pushed out from the rear.

Adding the drawer bottom and final tuning (planing sides) takes place after the drawer has dried.

The preparations for glueing up begin with the cutting of parts. I am especially particular about this. The drawer cannot have a chance without close-to-perfection. And then the dovetailing must follow from this.

There were many examples in my recent build:

Regards from Perth


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