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Gluing tenons on widish board

Michael Foster
I am making some end tables out of curly maple in Shaker style. The tables will have 2 drawers and no shelf. The apron around the drawers will be 9 inches wide. I have mortised the legs for double tenons for the aprons. The double mortises are 3" wide with 1" spacing on either end and between the 2 mortises. I think this should be fine for strength (I intend on pinning the joints after they are made). I am just wondering about gluing the joints. I am not sure if I should spread glue over the outer ends of the tenons to allow for movement. The wood for the whole project is curly soft maple. Figuring a 10% moisture content change, a 9" board could vary as much as 1/4". So if I pin each of the double tenons and use glue for the whole tenon, am I asking for trouble? Wondering if I shouldn't glue the outer sides of the tenons. Also wonder if I should widen the hole for the pins on the tenons to allow for a little movement.

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