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I need a portable spray booth

john lucas
I like to use spray lacquer on my Christmas ornaments and other small items. I have always sprayed kind of in the doorway or out in the yard at my previous shops. It eventually gets on the doors and walls and discolors them. Not a problem where i was before. With this new shop I would like to stop that. It's also very weather dependant. Too much wind and it's impossible and on days with really high humidity it can ruin the finish.
I would really like a small collapsible spray booth but can't justify the cost of an explosion proof fan. Can I Use a box with a filter in the back and maybe a fan at my back blowing toward the booth. I don't use a lot of spray so I'm not creating a huge cloud. I don't know, just looking for a possible solution.
I currently use minwax wipe on poly on my ornaments and mirror and buff with the Beale that has worked but I would like a little more glossy finish like I get with the spray lacquer for these projects.

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