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Box store Clamps

And plywood. I’m stuck in my winter home in Florida. Figured it may not be wise to motor home back to Alaska for obvious reasons. Decided to build some more cabinets for my Sister in law down the street to keep busy. Making her a nice big 36x75 pantry. HD is the only place I can purchase plywood around here. No problem. Bought some actual 3/4 sanded from Ecuador. Lightest sheets I’ve ever used. All was well till I started attaching drawer slide hardware. This stuff won’t hold the 1/2 “ screws normally like I'm used to. Just got gotta snug m up and hope they hold. What’s this stuff made of? Another thing I notice is their name brand clamps don’t seem to be of the same quality as the same clamps I’ve been using for years in Alaska. Anyone else notice a difference in box store clamp quality? Just a soft rant.

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