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New (for me) use for sawdust

Barry Irby
So I have spent the last two or three weeks turning over my rental house. The tenant, along with three or four pickup loads of junk, left me four partial gallons of latex Paint. Being a good boy I took it to our county run recycling center. Because everyone is off and sheltering in place there was a line a mile long. After waiting patiently the Dump Nazi informs me they no longer take latex paint unless you harden it first. Gave me a pamphlet on how to harden paint. It involves either kitty litter or sawdust. Now, my tax dollars pay these people. What they don't know is, they have messed with the wrong man. I have an endless supply of sawdust. Sawdust they insist I have to dispose of properly without putting it into the landfill. The pamphlet says to mix the paint into the sawdust, let it harden, and dispose if it along with my household trash. Turns out you can harden paint by mixing it in pretty much equal proportions with sawdust, sort of gallon for gallon. But if you if you are slightly less careful you can mix a couple of gallons of paint into several hundred gallons of sawdust. It's a twofer.

Goodbye Giant trash bags of sawdust.

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