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Delta jointer gib screw

Joe Grittani
I have a Delta 37-190 6" jointer that I bought used some time ago. I never tried to use it until recently and the results weren't so hot, so I decided to check out the adjustments. It turns out that both the infeed and outfeed tables were sloped to the outfeed end of the machine (straightedge contact at outer end of infeed table and cutterhead end of outfeed table).

I tried to make adjustments per the manual several times but wasn't getting anywhere when I cranked down too hard on the locknut for the infeed gib closest to the cutterhead and twisted it off. I was able to get the gib screw out, with difficulty, without damaging the threads in the casting. Since Delta parts for older machines are non-existent, I'm wondering if anyone has one of these machines they're parting out. All I need is the gib screw and locknut.

Alternately, a friend has a Jet 6" jointer that appears identical to my Delta other than paint color. Does anyone know if parts are interchangeable? Any other options would be gratefully entertained.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help you can offer. I really don't want this to become an expensive boat anchor.

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