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Re: Shop vac replacement - recommendations?

Barry Irby
I also have one of the larger Rigids and I have the drywall dust bag in it. I like it well enough that when it's predecessor failed after quite a few years, I bought another. I really like the bag. Much easier to throw it away than to clean the pleated filter. I am cheap, so I cut the end off one of the bags and resealed it again with a couple of stick and a small clamp. Not really worth it.

Another thing I did was buy one of the switches you plug into an outlet and plug the vac and tool into it. Trigger the tool and the vac comes on and stays on for about ten seconds after the tool is off. Really like it.

I also have a Festool vac I bought at a tool auction. I like it too, but it's not worth 8 times as much as the Rigid.

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