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Shop Jigs *PIC*

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
Here's my contribution for your bandsaw.

I use this to cross-cut thin/small parts, like dowels and little wedges.

I use 1/2" HDPE sheet to make slot runners that stay tight in the miter slots. Screw the 1/4" ply to the runner in the slot, then run a cut 3/4 across the board. Now screw or glue down a 90 cross piece referenced to the cut line. You now have a 0-clearance table that will control both the work-piece and the cut-offs. Add a few triangles to make other crosscuts as you need them

Since band saw blades tend to wiggle a but, the sides of the slot will get eroded. Return the sled to original by gluing a hardwood strip into the slot and then making a cut.

BTW The big red puddle is dyed epoxy and is there to remind me that they use band saws to cut meat. ;)

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