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More basic shop *PIC*

roger lance
I made and use the following tablesaw jig for cutting accurate 45s with a blade that is 90* to the table. The jig works on the principle that if one side is slightly over 45*; then, the other side will be equally under 45*.....and the result will be a 90* corner that might need a very small adjustment with sandpaper. The accuracy of the jig depends on how accurately you can attach the jig parts to the base. Being about 1/10 of a degree (or so) off is expected......

I also made a jig for my power miter saw for cutting small parts.....and not having those parts flying about the shop. The jig works very well for this; but, my saw is giving me grief as I'm having problems adjusting it to cut perfectly vertical. This saw is from a time when there were few choices in power miter boxes and this one is really meant for construction where it would be cutting 2x stock all day......

To remedy this problem, I made two small sleds for my 6x48/12 sander......

I wish I had made these sleds years ago.....they really have proven to be very useful with that sanding machine.....great results.

These are a power tool answer to the shooting board.

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