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Sgian Dubh
In the old days, prior to vac-bags, presses, and the like, a common pressing technique was to make up cauls for the job. Basically a series of something like pine, oak, beech, or whatever 3 X 1s or 2 X1s planed true, then one edge planed to a gentle convex curve to create bearers. Following this these pieces were attached evenly spaced (~every 6 - 8") and convex edge to a thin piece of plywood or similar (6 - 9 mm thick MDF for example) to create the caul. Cauls are sized to match the panel(s). Anyway, slather on the the adhesive to the ground, place the veneer, add a sheet of thin plastic (or apply a finish to the caul) and put the caul over the plastic, and apply a clamp at each end of each bearer, generally starting at the mid-point and working out to both ends.

I haven't used the method for maybe three or more decades, but I/we used it several times in the 70s and early eighties - we didn't have a press to start with. When done with hot hide glue we warmed both the ground and the caul prior to gluing up and applying the pressure. It worked pretty well, and if done with hide glue rather than, say, PVA or urea formaldehyde types, any bubbles and wrinkles were relatively easy to deal with using heat from an iron, a damp cloth, a sharp knife, and a veneer hammer. Slainte.

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