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OT, TP adventure today *PIC*

Dick Coers
I'm pretty well stocked up on everything here, but sent a text to check with our daughter in the Chicago area. At 43, she still hasn't got an organizational idea about so many things. And along with what seems like that last 60%+ of the people who hadn't given it a thought, she starts getting anxious today. My theory is the cancelling of sports seasons has now made it real for them! Facts didn't make an impression, but no sports and it's serious!!! Anyway, I make a run to a packed Costco, no TP but they do have paper towels. I had the idea latter in the day to check industrial suppliers. Grainger's of all places has TP by the case. BIG rolls. I order one case for pickup, but don't get verification that the order is ready. I drive downtown and they tell me they have to get a corporate release for pandemic related supplies! A call is made, and I get 8,000 feet of TP. The minor downside is it will be like going to the gas station bathroom for a LONG TIME! Daughter and Grandson will get the good stuff. Tonight she asks if I have extra sanitizer! Forehead slap followed. I guess I'll be taking soapy water, scrub brush and a little dish pan with me when I have to go out again, doing a little camping scrub up before I get in the van. KIDS!!!! They just keep on giving. I'll forgive her though, that Grandson she made us is so precious.

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