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Sgian Dubh
I've just completed a veneering job of approximately 65 m² (~700 ft²) working as a sub-contractor for a furniture business. Seventeen wardrobe doors roughly 2.8 m X 450 mm wide with walnut veneer both sides, a bunch of assorted wall panels with show veneer and and backing veneer, plus four quarter circle arc pilasters with an arc radius of about 100 mm, and other odds and ends. The methodology was hand cutting with knife, veneer saw and no 5 plane, slather on Titebond veneer adhesive (the brown stuff) with a hoppered roller and shove the panel into a vac-bag.

I'll probably never see the finished dressing room because other contractors made the cabinets and are installing my work, so there are unlikely to be any photos too, much to my disappointment.

Still, as you can imagine, there were opportunities for glue ups to go wrong, even with all the professional equipment and my decades of experience brought to bear on the task ... and they did, three times. For whatever reason there were two panels and one pilaster where the adhesive partially failed resulting in bubbles and blisters. The first cock-up resulted in me trying some of the common suggestions already made, e.g., a slit, squeeze in adhesive, and iron down, or just iron without slitting. After about an hour of tinkering about like this I decided to abandon the repair attempts because it was obvious these techniques just weren't going to be satisfactory, resulting in stripping all three failures and reveneering from scratch.

Sometimes, the drastic approach, i.e., starting from scratch again is the quickest and most satisfactory solution, but in your case, hopefully some the repair suggestions provided will work ... but, all the same, I wouldn't be too optimistic, ha, ha. Slainte.

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