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A good place to start

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Who knows what Teak oil is? A guess would be one of the vegetable oils- Tung, Linseed, ??? Acetone will be a better solvent than mineral spirits but it comes with the disadvantages that it is less likely a woodworker will have it on hand, flammability(not to be overlooked) and it will evaporate quicker making it harder to use.

Unless it has started to cure, likely by now presuming if Teak Oil is a drying oil formulation of some sort, mineral spirits will dissolve and extract it. But it won't dissolve it once it starts to cure. If Tung Oil is a curing oil like Tung , it has cross linked and likely can't be extracted from where it has penetrated into the wood. This situation is completely different from extraction of non-curing lubricating oil from wood, a gun stock for example.

A large number of finishing posts on this Forum involve rescue from something gone wrong, on the finished work. When I start a project I set aside a trimming from the wood I actually use, to be used to conduct finishing experiments on, should they be needed.

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