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Repurposing a file mistake *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have worn out all my 6" files, mostly softening edges with them, and needed replacement. Ah, Ebay listed a box of 12 old stock American made files, 6", wrapped in original oiled paper, pig in a poke style. Ordered.

They arrived saw files- 7 life time supplies for me. I sold a few and observed they were exceptionally sharp. Likely stuck with several, what to do? A thought. Why not try to use them for softening edges just like a flat file?

The first task to come up was tidying up the overhang of the applied facing on this dresser. Discovery- they make an acceptable substitute for a "safe-edge file. While not the best for softening edges, or as an alternative to safe-edge, they are acceptable.

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