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Useful jigs/fixtures.......#1 *PIC*

roger lance
I'm showing some jigs I use that are very helpful to me......hopefully, someone else will find them helpful as well.

If you have a bench like mine which does not have holes for holdfasts, you have an issue with holding some work pieces such as drawer parts for chisel work while dovetailing. My bench has a large storage base with 8 drawers which hold nearly all of my hand is very convenient to have these tools at the bench and I like this arrangement.....but, there are trade offs.....holdfasts being one in this case.

As a remedy, I came up with this jig (at least I think I came up with it.....could be someone else's)......

The jig is adjustable (t-tracks).....I made mine to accommodate parts up to 10" wide......I made some shims to increase the capacity of the jig to hold thicker pieces......the two toggle clamps secure the work very well.....this has proven to be a good solution.

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