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Re: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 12

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Richard, I did not follow Becksvoort's method. He used power tools predominantly.

The article helped understand the issues in making this joint. Then I worked out a method for myself.

I am waiting for YouTube to upload a video I made today of chopping one side of a lipped drawer. The video took 39 minutes, partly because of explaining to the camera what I was doing, and partly because the camera made me cautious. After the video I have one more drawer to do, and I knocked this off - both sides - in less that half the time taken in the video for one side.

As part of the process, following the kerfing chisel, the waste can be chopped out in 8 - 10 strokes. That is what I did later. In the video it probably took about 12 chops.

Overall, tails first works for me. It is fast. I have difficulty understanding the motive to go pins first.

Regards from Perth


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