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I have card sharpened bits...
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Sharpening one's own? ()

David Weaver
.. little easy ones with flat carbide, but like bill, it just took too long, and the bit cut, but not as well as it did previously.

I did, though, use a door bit that I dropped several years ago while waiting for its replacement to show up. One of the minor pieces of carbide got chipped. The bit still worked, nothing flew off (I let it run for a while and stood out of its arc, then passed some wood through the router - that part of the bit was under the table, so I figured it wouldn't be able to come up out of the table and make a direct hit - it never did sustain any further damage).

I think it's easy for router users to get stuck in believing that you can't do anything freehand to bring back a router bit, but I think that's likely not true. What I do think is more likely true is that it would take a very expensive purpose made sharpening system to sharpen many different bits and the chinese bits are pretty good at the wood removing part, even if they're less accurate. I've bought three bit sets for routing guitar cavities that are about $12 for three bits, and they work well.

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