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Re: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 12

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Yonak, thanks for the thought. I think that we all likely think and feel the same way after a piece is done - will others be aware of the blood (sometimes literally!) and sweat that went into the piece. Will they appreciate what we do? I think that this is us thinking like a woodworker; my wife has a reasonably good idea what challenges are present, but our non-woodworking friends still appreciate the end result in a satisfying way.

My niece is not a woodworker, and I doubt whether she understands furniture from our perspective. However, she is an architect, and must know more than the average in regard to construction. Still, her focus will likely be the aesthetic. It is more likely that her future father-in-law will lecture her on the build, as he is a very keen amateur woodworker who would fit in here very well!

Regards from Perth


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