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leaving one's mark *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

The triangle is a mark I put on the part for the back of a drawer so I know what orientation it needs to be for dovetailing and assembly. These marks used in construction are left on my work. I don't try to preserve them, but I don't try to remove them either.

When I find signs of how something was made while poking around in an antique I see a connection with its maker. I have a drawer in an antique family piece that has the telltale nick of a large and small chisel, the chisels for removing the large pin waste and the smaller tail waste. Some would consider it a defect to have "carelessly" nicked a drawer side this way. But this blemish showed me that the drawer sides were stacked for waste chopping and two sizes chisels were used. This connection to the person that made it makes this piece special to me.

Others results may differ.

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