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John K Jordan
>>>Bill replied with "To answer your question"
The topic is measuring the moisture content of a wood sample. To do the calculation one needs the weight of the wood at 0% moisture. Some advocated using a microwave to get to 0%. I am pointing out another reason why an oven is better.
If the moisture content of the test piece is high this test will destroy the test piece. As it begins to dry it will fracture severely. That's good. It will let the water out quicker.

For completeness: "To do the calculation" one also needs remember to record the starting weight as well as the weight at 0% moisture.

You provided a reasonable summary of what I just posted.

I still do not find the thread or messages on the topic that prompted your post "a caution to microwave wood driers" that started this thread. Perhaps you can post a link to the earlier discussion. I would like to read that.


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