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Barry Irby
Picked up several more pieces of wood and tried oven drying them. Used one out of the middle of the boards I was resawing for drawer sides and one from a scrap bin that had been inside for years and for good measure I threw in the piece I thought I had cooked to death in the microwave. The interesting thing si my pinless meter read "low" in both cases. Indicated one piece was at 8% when it was closer to 11% and the other read at 5% when the oven method sadi it was at 8% Maybe the thing to remember is to add 3% to whatever the meter says.

The Piece that was as dry as I could get in the microwave lost another gram. Went from 10 grams to 11. Interesting, but not significant. I put these pieces in the oven at 220 degrees F and left them for about six hours. Actually weighed them at the end of about one hour and then again six hours later.

I also notice if you leave the dry pieces sitting over night, they rebound.

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