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Barry Irby
The piece I chose was from the middle of the board, well away form the ends. The reason it was cut out was it had a small knot in one edge.

The piece got hot, but not so hot I could not hold it in my hands. Does it matter if I damaged the piece as long as I reduced the moisture to near Zero? I was not trying to salvage this small piece, but using it as sample of it's neighbors.

My son has one of those point and shoot thermometers, actually two and I may see if I can borrow one. Then I could read the surface temperature. Not sure that would help me because I would have to do more research to know what temperature is critical. You mentioned drying the samples in the oven at 220 degrees (F) I think. I am assuming that that is just above boiling for a reason.

Out of curiosity I am going to dry a couple of samples in my oven today. I will weigh them first and after to be able to do the calculations but I will also take moisture readings with my Tramex pinless meter to see how it reads compared to the oven dry method. It would be nice to know if it gives any relevant information.

I am using a small scale. I had a larger postal scale but have misplaced it. I also have a freight scale that will weigh up to 400 lbs, but that is a little gross for pieces this size.

Next we move to thermally modifying poplar. Saw some the other day and it was beautiful.

And if my oven were big enough I would be using it to kill some PPB's.

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