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Sgian Dubh
I find interesting that you've come across so many quartered oak drawer sides in British made antiques in the US, whereas here in the UK my experience (only anecdotal) is that the use of quartered oak for this purpose is less common. Of course, it's always possible that my observations are wrong, or I've maybe worked on too many pieces of low quality old furniture, which I know has frequently been the case having worked on a lot of pretty shonky stuff one way or another, particularly a few decades ago when people used to keep and rescue old bits. Nowadays I think people prefer to go to IKEA or a similar outlet for a replacement, and dump the old wobbly brown piece at the recycling centre, or maybe just the dump, ha, ha.

I've no experience or opinion regarding lawsuits to argue about wood MC, whether microwave oven tested, or convection oven tested. Is that really a concern over there? Slainte.

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