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Sgian Dubh
Barry, when I test for MC using a microwave oven I never use a higher setting than the second lowest, and that only for the first couple or three bursts of heating for about 45 seconds to perhaps 75 seconds per burst. And that's with samples I know to be quite wet, i.e., I can tell from cutting the sample that the stuff is obviously up at more than about 20 -25% MC. The way tools handle the wood: chip and shaving formation are the clue, and the way those cuttings come off the tool (both machines and hand tools), or it could simply be that I know the piece under test has had too little time to dry significantly from green. My current microwave has a 'Defrost' setting and 'Min' below that, and then there are three more settings ranging up to 'High'.

Therefore I only ever use Defrost and Min settings, and for the vast majority of heat bursts I use Min for heat cycles of a minute or less. I go slowly and gently, with one or two minute gaps between heating cycles. Patience is the key, and I think your 15 second burst at a High setting are bit too aggressive. Apart from that, you seem to be doing everything else right. Slainte.

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