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Microwave drying????
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Barry Irby
I have picked up a small piece of wood cut at random out of this stock. The sample is a piece of poplar about 1" by 1" by 3" and it weighed 59.5 grams. I have been drying it in the microwave. about half a dozen cycles at full power for 15 seconds. I got quite hot but did not burn. (I burned up a turning a few years ago so I have had that experience.) I discovered the microwave has a Keep Warm function and put the blank in for five minutes at a time. I Have run it several times at the keep warm setting and this seems to be working quit well.

It started at 59.5 grams and is down to 54. so, 59.5 - 54= 5.5/54 X 100 = 10.18% I ran it again for an additional five minutes and it remained at 54 grams. So, apparently this wood is about at 10%

This could explain why when I resawed it, nothing happened, at least not so far. After more than 24 hours the stock has not cupped or twisted.

Tomorrow I may oven dry a similar piece to see what happens.

Have I made some sort of blunder I am not seeing?

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