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Re: I do not recommend the microwave method

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The results are accurate enough to provide useful information to the woodworker,

I do not disagree if the goal is to determine whether the wood is too wet to use or maybe ok. Then it becomes a matter of personal convenience whether tossing the test piece in oven at 220F is more or less convenient. If the first weighing shows the MC too high- done. If the first weighing shows an estimate of 10% then more drying is called for. Is it really 10 or something higher because the wood was not 0% MC at the first weighing?

If the goal is to know the moisture content the test piece must be dried to constant dry weight. This procedure requires at the minimum two heating cycles, and more likely 3-5 depending on how wet it started. This fact makes the MW less convenient in my mind.

Like you I can feel if it is dry enough.

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