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This wood seems dry.....

Barry Irby
I have a moisture meter and I was going to test it, but.... I got the pin meter out after it being in a drawer for years. I got it in a buck of stuff at a tool auction. The batteries were not only dead, the little snack connectors that work with 9 volt batteries were missing and the batteries were soldered in. I have ordered new ones and they will be here in a day or two. I have another (pinless) meter I used in home inspections, but never used it in any sort of absolute sense. (If I suspected your toilet were leaking, I metered a spot several feet away to get a background reading and then checked near the toilet to see if it were wetter.)

While waiting for the parts, I used the pinless meter and noted the reading. In a day or two I will check again.

Beyond that, this wood seems dry to me. That's the intuitive assessment based on fifty years of experience with wood. And, I have done this before with this very stack of wood. Built three chest of drawers and a number of other drawers over the last five years. Some years ago I resawed (deep ripped) a lot of it and had a stock that only recently was exhausted. Perhaps it's time to restock.

Now to learn the microwave method.

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