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Resawing poplar for drawer sides question???

Barry Irby
I am about to make a chest of drawers for my grandson. I have some air dried poplar that was cut 5/4, thick enough to get a full 1" thickness out of it. I am planning to resaw it to 7/6" or 1/2" for drawer parts. How would you approach this?

This lumber was air dried under a tarp in my driveway for years. I have brought it inside. While I have not put a straight edge or winding stick on it it appears to be flat and straight.

I have a bandsaw set up for resawing and will most probably use that.The bandsaw is new to me. It's an old Hitachi with a 3" wide resaw blade on it and I have used very little.

Would you dress the lumber including whatever is necessary to flatten it and take out any cup and twist first and then resaw it or would you resaw it in the rough state and then dress and flatten it?

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