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Vises for my split-top

I picked up 358 bf of 12/4 ash today to make the top of a workbench that I have been wanting to build for 20 years (base is reclaimed oak floor joists from my 1870 kitchen remodel that have been in the basement for 18 years). I should have enough ash left over for the next 2 generations to build benches... My plan is a split-top Roubo style bench with ~5" thick top. I've been struggling with the vise choices, looking to put on a leg vise and a tail vise and I'm looking for some current wisdom on both:

Leg vise: would love the benchcrafted hardware but after the price increases in the last ~year it is now up to $389. Question: will I kick myself every time I go to my shop if I use a $49 Yost screw with Benchcrafted's cross-member? I can find the money for the BC stuff but it seems excessive (my kids don't really need to go to college...)

Tail vise: I really like the simplicity, positioning and installation of the Veritas quick release tail vise. The LN version seems nice but I'n not sure it is better than the Veritas and the installation looks a lot more complicated. I've also looked at the Highland Woodworking pattern vise but have no clue if that would be a good option, it seems like it does too much and although I would like the dual use for carving, most of my use I suspect would be using the dogs and I suspect that is not really its thing, also it seems like it sticks out a lot more than the Veritas would... I've seen a lot of the Benchcrafted wagon vises in videos/reviews but almost nothing on the Veritas. Any direction on these 3 choices, the prices seem fairly close so that is not really a factor.


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