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Painting / Sharp corners

Keith Newton
I had to take a break from about 20 minutes of sanding / easing the sharp corners. While at the task, I was remembering a time a while back when I was building all the cabinets for a pretty large house, and had ordered some, maybe 50 doors. They came to the job site while I was at the shop. By the time I got back to the house, the painter had most of them primed.

Not only were all the edges sharp, I hadn't even drilled for the hinge cups yet, so called it to a stop. The painter who had formerly owned a pretty large company with maybe 40 painter employees went ballistic on me, saying of all the years he had been painting, this was the first time he had ever run into this, and was trying to turn the customer against me.

I'm just curious how your guys and gals feel about this. What is your standard practice?

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