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What is this MFT used for ()

Barry Irby
Excellent question....

MFT stands for Multi Function Table (here is the South that may be translated to MF Table). Festool seems to have a different approach to woodworking that is not centered around the table saw. This table is something like a heavy duty folding card table. You can transport it to a job site and set up "shop". There is a fence system that allows for the use of a track and track saw. The holes allow for clamping to the top and there is a rail around the perimeter the clamps will slide into and you can clamp work to the edge vertically. (Might take the place of your Moxon vice.)

My main interest in the table was to use it with the tracksaw to break down slabs and perhaps to miter one together to create a waterfall end on a desk. The tracksaw will cut 70mm which is close to 3" and does a beautiful Job.

The dogs available for the top add lots of possibilities.

The only bad thing is the table is wobbly, not as solid as I would like.

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