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Shop organization......myths/reality.....

roger lance
This topic gets a lot of play here.....people are getting tool caddies (good idea).....some are admitting they are totally disorganized......some advocate a certain type of storage system over others......some say drawers are bad.....peg board is a thing of the past.....french cleats are where it's at......avoid flat surfaces, they just collect stuff.....and tool trays on the back of workbenches cause some to have psychological events.....etc.....etc.

What I'm finding is that the effort to organize my shop is an unending challenge. I reorganize this.....and am reminded that this other thing needs some improvement also.....on and on. I've also had the realization that as time passes and I'm hopefully improving my skills and methods of woodworking, my choices in tools, hardware, etc. are also changing which calls for new means of shop organization to accommodate these changes.

What we are seeing, in the photos people post, is a moment in time where a person has got his shop organized to a certain level/degree......but, it isn't the end product. There is no such thing as perfect organization.....certainly not one type of organizing that should be thought of as applying to everyone.

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