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Maybe not as good as I thought
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Barry Irby

I thought what I found was new top still in the box...not so much. The auction preview was winding down when I spotted this box. It was labeled Festool MFT and I peeked in the box and the top appearred new. I bought it as mentioned and brought it home. Turns out it was not exactly new, at least not unscathed. It appears the guy made his first cut with the saw set way too deep and nearly sawed the end off the top. At this point I am assuming this was when his MFT was nearly new and he ordered a replacement, put the cut one back in the box and set it aside.

Oh well, I guess this solves my dilemma as to whether to use it or save it. If I finishing cutting it down It will fit my shop cart even better and take up less room. Some day, I will have to figure out how to replace the top on my MFT, or it may out live me. At worst, I figure I can either buy one of the boring devices or just use this one as a template and bore right through it.

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