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Festool MFT Questions

Barry Irby
I bought a MFT at an estate sale a year or two ago. It is labeled 1080. It shows little wear and I have not used it much.

Went to a preview of a tool sale today and they had an MFT top still in the box they had failed to label for the auction. The Seller's wife was there and the auctioneer told her to make me an offer and I bought it for $30. At the moment I was thinking of installing it on a cart I can use in my shop. When I got home I found out it will fit the MFT I have and now I am slightly confused. Should I save it for a spare or use it?

I have been fumbling around in the Festool site and on Amazon.

Is the table labeled 1080 a current model MFT 3? Are tops still available for it?

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