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What's in caddy and why
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Dovetail caddy ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Unless doing drawers with some regularity and several of them at a time a caddy may not make much sense. In my case I have done chests of drawers with 7 drawers. It would have been a significant time and annoyance saver to have had the tools handily constrained on the bench.

Three chisel sizes sized for tails front, back and pin waste

Two marking gauges for drawer front thickness and drawer side thickness

Marking knife

two dividers for laying out dovetail spacing front and back

0.5 mm drafting pencil for marking vertical saw lines

Soft pencil for identifying waste to be removed

Dovetail size marking template

4" square for checking pins and tails

6" square- various jobs

flush saw for sawing out waste in pin corners

Cross cut saw for tail waste and rip for dovetails either lays on bench or is in a holder behind.

Drawer parts are stored in cabinet drawer openings.

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