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Dovetail caddy
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
That is a good name for this tool holder. Dovetails take a collection of several tools and at my glacial pace dovetailing goes on for days not hours. It made sense in for me, perhaps of no relevance to others, to collect these tools for this operation in one place, at hand on the bench in something designed to conveniently hold them.

In my shop these tools were stored behind me on three large shelf units, in more of less logical organization- squares in one place, pencils in another, chisels somewhere else. If I put tools away after each operation I was spending a lot of motion retrieving them and then putting them away again. If I left them scattered on the bench there are enough of them, and my bench has enough acreage, that I had to hunt for where I put them.

In the case of one trial drawer I remained disciplined enough to use a tool and then put it back in the caddy. The caddy has been convenient to slide around the bench to where the tool(s) was needed. Remains to be seen if the caddy remains useful.

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