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Before and after dovetailing *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have 6 drawers underway and more coming. I have been seeing where I can take effort out of making them. It became clear that I was spending time putting tools away, or if left scattered on the bench, finding what was needed. Some organization was called for.

The solution began years ago when I made a chisel holder to sit on the bench. A friend in turn made one and enhanced it with storage for other bench stuff like dividers, marking gauges, etc. That idea was percolating when I realized I needed to do something to lessen this tool time killer issue.

Pictured is Model 1 of a dovetailing tool holder. A test on one drawer has shown that the idea has merit in my work. I'll live with this thrown together model for a few drawers and see if I want to make changes before I build something more refined. Or, if it is good enough will probably never get around to making a better one.

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