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Protocol for insulating/Dry walling attic space *PIC*

Alan Young
I am taking some months off from my woodworking to concentrate on projects on our late 1890's house.

We moved into the house in 1994. Since then we have painted the exterior, 2015, had a new roof installed in 2014. I redid the bathroom in 2010 and we've painted various other rooms over the years more than once.

One of the next projects will be to finish off our third floor "attic" space. This is one space we haven't done any work on.The open insulation was placed by the previous owner. The rafters are not evenly spaced and require a fairly troublesome cut and tape method....

My over all goal is the have the ceiling and walls dry walled and painted. Before I hang the drywall I will probably be removing the current insulation and replacing it. The big concern for me is the I allow for proper venting behind the insulation. When the house was re roofed they placed ridge vents at the peak and a line of vents along the "hip" of the middle angle. I have read about placing baffles between the roof sheathing and the insulation. So I plan on doing that. After new insulation is installed-is there a vapor barrier of any particular recommendation before the drywall is installed.Any other thoughts on the general process of finishing off such a space?

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