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saw stop problem(s)

So I just bought a new Sawstop PCS and after spending about a week trying to put it together and discovering my retailer forgot to include one important box with addition hardware I finally arrived at turning the saw on and attempting a test cut. Well, guess what? The saw would not start! Reread manual, checked primary power and checked all connections to main power. No error codes, just would not continue to run. Would start but not continue. Called factory. Talked to Ethan three times no help. Got permission to start trouble shooting on my own. Removed the brake mechanism and took it back to the dealer where he installed it in their demo unit. No problem. Checked thermal overload breaker by substitution - no problem. Called factory again (forth time) and talked to Trent. Found out about advanced diagnostics, started to run diagnostics but, guess what, saw started working (I hate intermittent problems). Finished part of my project but this morning I started another project -= you guessed it, saw did not work. Trent sent me a link to the advanced diagnostics so I got the code off the saw (code was 35) and went to see what that meant. Link did not contain anything useful, just telling me there was an error. Anybody have any information on advanced diagnostics for Sawstop? What is error code 35?

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