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Need Some Input

Mike in Zuni VA
I currently have a work bench that is to large for my new shop. The bench top measures 36 1/4" by 120" by 2 1/4" thick hard maple. There is currently no vices or dog holes on the bench top. The top is one of the Bally Block "seconds" I picked up some years back and in my old shop the 10' length was not a problem. I want to cut it down to a more manageable length. Some background on my woodworking: I do a combination of hand tool and power tool work. I do not plan on having the bench next to a wall. I like the 3' width, as I can work chairs and case pieces on it with room to spare. If I cut it down to a shorter length, the base will be easy to modify. I would have to cut the existing rails to length, cut new tenons on one end of each rail and drill for the bed bolt connectors. What length would you recommend for the new bench? How much overhang would you have on each end? Would you add aprons to all or some of the sides? Would you add a trail vise and if so is the 2 1/4" thickness adequate for the tail vise? What other ideas or considerations would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,
Mike in Zuni VA

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