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Pedestrian Moxy-lite vise goes to work *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

First, I want to thank all that posted over the years about their efforts to make Moxom vises. These posts eventually goaded me into trying one, although I could not bring myself to make a nice one.

I have 6 drawers I need to make now and several more later. Time to try it.

1. It secures the work better than my half assed previous arrangement leading to less vibration sawing which in turn leads to being able to use a coarser(faster) saw.

2. The work is elevated where I can see better.

3. An unexpected bonus. With the base line a little above the vise top face I am better able to judge that the saw is parallel to these faces leading to being able to saw to this line on both front and back without stopping and checking the back. A substantial time saver.

One of the main reasons I put off making one was the complexity and cost of some versions. The posts of the Moxy-light versions tipped the balance. The cost of this one was two bolts and a bdft of 8/4 maple. There is no cost or time excuse not to make one.

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Pedestrian Moxy-lite vise goes to work *PIC*
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