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Scraper filing 45 vs 90 degrees *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Attended the Midwest Tool Collectors sale in Madison Georgia. Attendance approached 250 and a huge room was full of vendors selling old tools. The set of dado planes available would have been a nice addition to my tools but I failed to bring $1700 with me :) However many tools were inexpensive. Common tools were cheap. Why buy a LN No 4 when Stanley's were available for $40?

Paul Hamler was there displaying his Lilliputian tools.

I asked Paul why fixed scrapers were sharpened at 45 degrees and card scrapers 90. Two reasons he allowed. At 90 degrees one can have 8 scraper edges on a card scraper. Typically the fixed scrapers are used where more wood needs to be removed than in the case of a card scraper. At 45 degrees one can establish a more aggressive burr.

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