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I just sharpened a card scraper

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
You all might not regard this news significant. However, this scraper now scrapes better than ever before. That could be of interest.

Paul Hamler is the guru of scarpers. I attended a seminar he gave and most recently watched his worthy, though overly wordy, UTube video. Five new to me changes to what I had been dong.

1. He doesn't do anything more than file the edge.
2. The burr is developed with way more force than I have been led to believe optimum.
3. The burr is then cleaned of debris.
4. The burr is then straightened.
5. The burr is then rolled and cleaned a second time.

His claim is that the work hardening and smoothing produced by this procedure leads to a more effective edge. Worked for me.

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