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Bag changes

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Mark, I did this several years ago. The DC is a generic 2 hp, as is the 1micron filter. This addition did significantly reduce the fine dust in the workshop ...

There is a Super Dust Deputy into a large paint tin (this has a sealing lock) collecting the chips.

These cyclones reduce suction, so keep your hose lengths short.

I took this a step further and replaced the lower bag (which is a royal pain to replace/empty each time) with another cannister (using the upper section of the bag as a connector) ...

There are blast gates for the table saw, jointer-thicknesser/planer, and bandsaw.

The set up does a reasonable job, but it is still only 2 hp and the 5" hoses are not as slick as pipe. My next upgrade is the dust control.

Regards from Perth


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