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My two left feet *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It was nearly my 8 left feet. Almost too late I remembered that bracket feet come in left and right and I was about to make 8 left ones.

It all began with drawing feet on a drawing board. There are countless bracket foot patterns. The Headley shop has at least a 100 patterns stored in a box.

It is hard for me to choose a foot without seeing it on the case. So I made two styles. On paper I thought the more complicated one would be too formal but when I got it on the case I preferred it.

I recalled too late that it is best to glue up the pair of feet and then saw the profile. These feet did not offer a good place to clamp after they were sawed to shape. The square prism of walnut is a corner block. It is prepared from alternating grain blocks put together with rub joints. Alternating grain makes gluing them in place more secure. Each foot has some long grain gluing surface.

If someone has a foolproof way to ensure perfect miters I would like to know about it. I had to correct most of these on the donkey ear.

They turned out to my satisfaction. So it is 12 more parts done from a total of about 50 in this dresser. Note the divider dovetails are now faced. The family does not like exposed dovetails. They hold them in the same regard as going out in public in you underwear. Sadly, I can make quite presentable ones now days.

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