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Re: Entry hall table for a niece: Part 4

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The bevel worked just right for that case. I've lost track.....are the case corners going to be rounded? I think not with the bevel fronts.

build the drawers with planted fronts. This is not a method I like (but it may be expedient). The second option is to set the dovetailed drawers sides back (recess them) to account for the internal drawer dividers.

I don't understand the drawer discussion. First, what is a planted front? We would call option 2 a lipped drawer. I would not look forward to dovetailing this option unless you just build a box and apply a front, what is becoming a common practice over here.

There is a very good cabinet maker in our club and he builds all his drawers with a shop made center guide( not factory metal) under the drawer. I must admit that his drawers work nicely. I employed this approach in the corner cabinet drawer to my satisfaction. This option would eliminate the dividers. Would I do it on this box. No, but I can't say why, just a notion, but I'll bet the person that uses center guides regularly would.

Btw, your shop seems short on marking gauges. ;)

What I would do is inset the drawers and contrast the grain, probably veneering a vertical rift grain on them. These is a lot of business in the neighborhood. I would want something calming on the drawer fronts.

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