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Adding feet; wrapping moldings *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.


Today I added feet to the cherry cabinet.

A frame goes under the cabinet. The feet get fastened to the frame and corner blocking added. This assembly gets screwed to the cabinet. The case is then trimmed out with face molding to hide the dovetails and a ¼ round transition from feet to case sides.

The applied feet are applied like a wrapped mitered molding. The goal is to have tight miters and grain that flows around the corners as shown in PIC 1.

Flowing grain begins with smart layout of the feet parts. The miters need to be located where there will be a chance of matching grain after the miters are cut. Then it is a matter of cutting miters with only a saw kerf lost from where the boards come together.

I achieve tight miters as follows. I cut the right foot off the stock piece with a miter cut. I cut this piece a ½” +/- long. Then I dry fit the joint with clamps as shown in PIC 3. When perfect I remove the right piece, trim to length, apply glue and add it back.
Next I cut the front feet just a whisker longer than final length and I cut the miter in the remaining left foot being careful not to remove any length from the mitered end. Then I carefully adjust the length of the front feet board until I get a perfect miter at both ends. If necessary I may remove the last tiny bit with a plane on a “donkey ear” shooting board. When perfect the front feet board is glued in place. Finally the remaining left foot board is cut to length and fit in place.

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Adding feet; wrapping moldings *PIC*
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