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Back at the bed side dressers *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Crappy weather today so it is easy to stay in the shop. Finished dovetails for last case. By the time I finish dovetailing a case I am just getting good/efficient at it, with the implication that I am never good at it if there are months since the last one. But aha, I fooled the woodworking Gods this time by building two. The second one (cherry one, to keep them straight) went smoothly. Joints fit right off the saw and I could pound the joint together with my fist. That result shed significant labor from the effort and left me smiling.

For the record I wasted out the tail board with band saw, routed out the pin board with it flat on the bench and chiseled to base lines by chopping with the pin board flat on the bench or paring with the pin board vertical as was demonstrated in our recent club meeting. For those unable to differentiate between a report of an activity and advocating it, the above enumeration of techniques is a report.

I'll comment on the efficiency of these steps later. Having had a lunch break(roast beef on rye), it is time to glue it together.

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