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Another Moxom vise variant

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
We had a professional maker of Shaker inspired furniture for our club program last night. He didn't like the ergonomics of paring dovetail waste with the board flat on the bench. So picture what we are calling a Moxom vise like arrangement. Now imagine that the front jaw is an inch lower than the back jaw. And in registration with this front jaw a strip of HDPE is embedded in the back jaw.

The tail board is clamped in the vise with the scribed base line registered with the top face of the front jaw. The tail is pared to the base line using the top face of the front jaw as a guide. The plastic strip absorbs the impact of the chisel breaking through the back side.

This approach has some merit for consideration. The waste is removed without flipping the board to the other side. Paring is much easier on the chisel edge than chopping. The top of the jaw guides the chisel.

Depending on the way one's Moxom vise is made, it could be possible to simply have two front jaws for the vise, one for sawing and one for waste removal.

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