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Bed side dressers are underway. *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have an order for bedside dressers for each granddaughter.
Step 1 Sketch plans The size will be the same as one I built 4 years ago. I Keep plans in a journal now days. It keeps my calculations retrievable and provides a record of how something was made. I find the journal useful to refer to. In this case I can use all the dimension calculations from the 1996 project, though these will be constructed different.

Step 2 Pick lumber With the future owners help I sorted through many hundred bdft of lumber to choose cherry for one and walnut for the other. I spend a lot of time at this stage of construction to choose lumber that will glue panels that will be attractive.

The "perfect" walnut board in terms of width, color and grain had a rough length 3" longer than the sum of the wood necessary for the sides and top. For those that have been there, teasing 6 cuttings and end trimming from a board whose rough length is 3" longer that the sum of the finished length of the cuttings is, well, a challenge. I had to shrink the planned width by 1/8" to have enough for the top. Done.
Step 3 Prepare and glue panels . Construction will be traditional. A box will be dovetailed together with show wood on the sides and secondary wood on the top and bottom. A show top will be fastened to the "false top" and a frame and legs fastened to the bottom of the case. 3 drawers. Tops and sides were assembled from two boards about 8" width with the aid of one of the future owners learning to glue.


Step 4 Dovetail the box together I do tails first. The apprentice is learning to dovetail. Some sweat equity makes the owners more appreciate the furniture, I believe.

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